A film by Sharmin & Paliz

What would be the things we want to do before death?

This question has changed the life of our film’s character.

The Vision

“The Football Aficionado” is a long-feature social documentary film that Sharmin & Paliz has been working on for over four years. The subject of the film is gender discrimination. The intention of making this film is to draw the attention of people around the globe to the condition of women who are obliged to fight for their primitive rights. We believe the message can be spread more efficiently by having the web3 community as the project contributors.

The film has been awarded the best Asian documentary at Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) on October 2022 and continues screening in other prestigious film festivals. We plan to raise funds through our NFT collection and collaborate with cultural foundations for optimizing sound design, and color correction as well as cover the cost of deliverables and marketing activities for coming screenings and broadcasting of the film.

Join us on this journey!

The Film


As women’s presence in stadiums is prohibited in Iran, Zahra, a 27-year-old woman, and a football fan disguises herself as a man to be able to watch a match. Thanks to social media, this simple initiative has become viral and a new chapter has begun in her life.


Zahra, a 27-year-old Iranian girl lives in Tehran and she is a big fan of Persepolis, one of the capital’s biggest football teams. She has always wished to watch her favorite team as well as the Iranian national team’s games at the stadium. However, according to an unwritten law, women are not allowed to go to stadiums and watch football games.
For this reason, Zahra decides to disguise herself as a man to be able to enter the stadium without foreseeing that her action would go viral across social media as well as be covered by the popular press and start a new chapter in her life.


Duration : 87 min

Language: Persian

Subtitle: English

Format: FullHD 1920×1080 25fps

Screening Format: DCP 2K

Sound: Stereo



“The Football Aficionado” is the story of today’s generation of women who without any pretension tries to claim equal rights between men and women. As directors of this movie, who are both supporters of gender equality and football lover, we have great admiration for the courage and resistance of Zahra; the character of our film; and her generation.

We strongly believe that by presenting the struggles of a young Iranian woman of the new generation, the story becomes a significant page of the history of the Iranian women’s movement which has ultimately led to the actual feminine uprising in Iran. In our eyes, under such circumstances, it is our duty as independent filmmakers to be the voice of brave Iranian women and not let their efforts be unheard.

We believe that the film would have a powerful impact and as FIFA World Cup is going to be held in November, the film can attract many audiences and spread the word efficiently.

Fund Raising Road Map

Late August- Late September 2022

Post Production Completion
For First Premiere

October 2022

Film First Premier

Awarded as the best documentary film at BIFF

October – November 2022

NFT Artistic design

November 2022

NFT Collection Drop

Mid January 2023

Film Next Premier

February 2023

Beginning of Worldwide Distribution


Timeline Heading

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The Mint


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